Housekeeping janitorial services

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We provide specialized cleaning services to the corporate and residential sectors in a reliable, consistent and regular manner. Our flexible business model such as part/full time allows operators to select from a list of specialized services which best suit the needs of their business.

We offer housekeeping services for:-
* IT Industries
* Engineering Industries
* Offices
* Township
* Residential
* Commercial Complexes
* Institutes
* Gov. & Private Premises

We provide Professional cleaning services and related maintenance services by advanced methods in the premises like moping and cleaning of all floors, cleaning of all Telephones including Intercoms and super phones, cleaning of toilets at frequent interval, cleaning of window panels, glasses, partitions, cleaning of dust, mechanical floor scrubbing etc.


Our company takes care of cleaning contracts on:-
* Daily * Weekly * Monthly * Annual
basis depending upon the client’s needs and type of property.

We provide mechanised housekeeping like:
* Scrubbier Machines
* Vacuum Cleaner Wet/Dry
* Glass Cleaning Kit